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"What I Need To Do."
Character Traits and Celebrations of the Christian Faith:

1. Meet with Believers

2. Resist Temptation

3. Don't Worry

4. Follow Your Dream

5. Forgiveness

6. Jesus is Returning

7. Be a Good Example

8. Deliver Us from Evil

9. Don't Give Up Praying

10. Pray at Any Time

11. Be a Servant

12. Children are Important to God

13. Celebrate God's Word On Christmas

14. Help the Needy

15. Be a Good Citizen

16. God is Our Father and King

17. God Will Supply Your Needs

18. Praise and Worship God

19. Share Your Faith

20. Be Obedient

21. Be Led by the Spirit

22. God is Able to Rescue You

23. Celebrate Jesus On Christmas

24. Aim to Be Perfect

25. The Fruit of the Spirit -- Patience

26. Have Courage

27. Be Willing to Learn

28. The Fruit of the Spirit -- Love

29. Be Faithful in Small Things

30. Be Generous

31. Guard Your Heart

32. Use What God Has Given You

33. Pray for One Another

34. Be a Team Player

35. Meditate on God's Word

36. We Are All One Family

37. Easter Sunday

38. Good Friday

39. The Fruit of the Spirit--Joy

40. The Fruit of the Spirit--Peace

41. The Fruit of the Spirit--Goodness

42. The Fruit of the Spirit--Kindness

43. The Fruit of the Spirit--Faithfulness

44. The Fruit of the Spirit--Gentleness

45. The Fruit of the Spirit--Self-Control

46. Mother's Day

47. Celebrate Your Birthday

48. Father's Day

"What I Need To Know."
The Essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith:

Doctrine of the Bible

Unity of the Bible, #1 Parable of the River

Inspiration of the Bible, #2 Parable of the Farmer

Proof of Inspiration (of the Bible), #3 Parable of the Map

Promises of the Bible, #4 Parable of the Journal

The Covenants of the Bible, #5 Parable of the Lighthouse

Doctrine of God

God is a Trinity, #6 The Painting & the Toy House

Roles within the Trinity, #7 The Sunrise

God is Omnipresent & Omnipotent, #8 The Air and the Storm

God is Sovereign, #9 The Fish Tank

God is Holy, #10 The Rich Boy's Clothes

God is All-knowing, #11 The Bath Towel

God is the Creator of All Things, #12 The Red Bird

God is Just and Merciful, #13 The Judge and His Court

God is Eternal, #14 The Firefly

God is True, #15 The Compass

God is a Father Who Loves You, #16 The Tree House

Doctrine of Christ

(Christ is) Equal to God but Obedient, #17 The Hand Puppet

(Christ's) Pre-existence and Return, #18 The Flying Seed

(Christ is) Fully God & Fully Man, #19 The Water & the Web

(Christ is the) Innocent Substitute, #20 The Two Brothers

(Christ) Fulfilled the Scriptures, #21 The Orphans

(Christ) From Theophany to Incarnation, #22 The Town Crier

(Christ the) Intercessor for Sinners, #23 The Lawyer

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

(The Holy Spirit was) Involved in All Jesus Did, #24 The Eagle

(The Holy Spirit) Empowered Miracles, #25 The Tractor

(The Holy Spirit) Convicts of Sin & Lives Inside Us, #26 The Coconut

The Doctrine of the Church

One World-Wide Spiritual Body, #27 The Good and Bad King

The Doctrine of the Angels

God Created Angels, #28 The Kite

Good Angels Helped People in the Bible, #29 The Prison Guard

The Doctrine of Satan

Satan is an Angel That Turned Evil, #30 The Evil Knight

The Doctrine of Man

All People Have Common Ancestry, #31 The Two Cats

Our Sinful Natures are Inherited, #32 The Poison Berries

We Were Created with a Spiritual Nature, #33 The Battery

Good Deeds Don't Change Our Sin Nature, #34 The Rotten Fruit

The Doctrine of Sin

Sin Separates Us From God, #35 The Elephant

The Doctrine of Future Things

The Return of Christ, #36 The Captain's Trees